COVID-19 Essential Service Checks 

Several of our essential services clients have recently turned their mystery shopping programs into compliance checks of their COVID-19 safe work practices. Some of these new measures we are now assessing include:

  • Were all staff members that you observed wearing gloves?

  • Were all staff members that you observed wearing masks?

  • Was there sanitiser wipes available to wipe down your trolley or basket?

  • Did you see a staff member wipe down the eftpos terminal, scales, register area?


We can arrange for these compliance checks to be sent to our clients within 15 minutes of our shopper exiting the store. 


Should the Government make any further changes to the way in which our essential services clients need to operate during this period (e.g. managing their customer’s social distancing) we can update these measures, retrain our shoppers and implement within 1 working day. 

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