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At Human Experience, we firmly believe that what gets measured gets done (and gets better). If service is important to your business, we can help measure and benchmark it.


Service is a choice. A choice that leads to loyal customers, who tell their friends all about it, which leads to increased sales and increased profits. As a business it’s important to know what choices are being made by the people representing your brand, because it’s those moments that directly impact your bottom line.

We don’t believe in subjective judgement – when we mystery shop, we take an objective approach that is fully tailored to your standards. Our job is to measure whether your unique standards are being executed successfully or not. 


We love catching people out doing the right thing; nothing gives us greater pleasure than submitting a mystery shopping report that highlights success. We know this means the feedback system is doing what it’s meant to do.


Where there are gaps in the execution of your standards, our reports provide you with an objective coaching tool to help you provide feedback, manage performance, compare results over time and provide you with valuable insights.


Just because service is an experience doesn’t mean it can’t be measured. It is up to you to set the standard, empower your people to deliver those standards and then measure the outcomes, and that’s where Human Experience can help!

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